Air conditioning


Even the best air conditioning equipment can’t do its job if it is not properly installed. A poorly installed or improperly balanced system wastes energy and money. The professionals at Bellerose Sewer and Drain Cleaning have the knowledge and experience to install your air conditioning equipment for peak efficiency and comfort.

Central air conditioning systems use a series of ducts to circulate air throughout your home or office. Often these ducts are under the floor or above the ceiling. When cooled air passes through ducts in non-cooled spaces, moisture can form on and in the ducts as condensation. All air ducts must be sealed and insulated to prevent condensation. Before installation, we will make sure the ductwork in your home is adequate for the system you are installing. It is also necessary to balance the duct system using a series of grills or dampers. Your friends at Bellerose Sewer and Drain Cleaning can explain these important details to you.  

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